We are a group committed to promoting a positive identity for nonbelievers, focused on reason, empathy, and leading an ethical life. We organize different kinds of events in and around San Francisco, and we hope to see you at one of them.

Upcoming Events

Spring Has Sprung!

Held by Bay Area Humanists on 28 April 2018 6:00 PM

You are invited to join Silicon Valley Humanists in San Jose for their spring members’ dinner. There will be entertainment and a 4 course Mediterranean feast (see details and purchase tickets ($25) at Read More

English Spelling-Need of Reform?

Held by Bay Area Humanists on 5 May 2018 3:00 PM

The English language has 44 sounds but we spell them in over 4,200 different ways! Of the alphabetically based spelling systems, English is last in following the alphabetic principle. For languages like Finnish and Korean, once you learn the rules... Read More

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