We are a group committed to promoting a positive identity for nonbelievers, focused on reason, empathy, and leading an ethical life. We organize different kinds of events in and around San Francisco, and we hope to see you at one of them.

Upcoming Events

  • Understanding and Addressing Bias in Machine Learning (online)
    Machine learning has long been a hot topic with tech and business professionals. It is used all over these days, and is designed to power technology products that influence human decision making in many domains of life. From healthcare to finance, education and the criminal justice system, machine learning algorithms have impacted us all in one way or another. Outputs from many of these computerized data models are proven to be terribly biased, allowing socio-structural inequity to continue, even grow "behind the scenes" in a computer program. Avery Hastings Richards is a UC Berkeley graduate student of public health who… Read more »
  • How this UU Community Helped Settle the Unsettled
    This event is sponsored by the UU Humanists and Non-Theists In 2011 members of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco (UUSF) acted on a request from the Unitarian Universalists United Nations Office to help gay and lesbian refugees settle in San Francisco. We were asked to assist newly arrived refugees with navigating US institutions such as MUNI, DMV, and Costco for the eight months the US government pays refugee benefits. Our commitment and our influence on these new city residents turned out to be much deeper, longer, and important to both the refugees and our volunteers. Instead of… Read more »
  • Mini-Law School: Supreme Court 2020 Review of Major Cases, A Humanist's View
    This event is sponsored by the UUSF Humanists and Non-Theists. We will look at the Supreme Court's major decisions during the 2019-2020 term, which involved DACA, discrimination against LGBTQ persons in employment, expansion of religious liberty rights, abortion, and much more. True to the Mini-Law School tradition, Professor Chan will try to put the decisions into legal context for non-lawyers, and for this audience, offer a humanist perspective of the justices and how they decide. Leland is an attorney who teaches constitutional law at Golden Gate University. He also teaches classes to the general public who have an interest in… Read more »

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