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Purpose of Bay Area Humanists

Bay Area Humanists (BAH) is a local chapter of the American Humanist Association (AHA) and our purpose is to promote humanism: an ethical, democratic, naturalistic lifestance that prioritizes reason, scientific and critical thinking, and a system of humanist ethics and secular values as a rational alternative to those based on religion. This includes activities that educate about humanism, build diverse community with fellowship and mutual support and provide opportunities for humanists to act on their values. We cultivate peaceful and fulfilling living, loving, and relationship skills. We advance social well-being, social justice, equality, sustainability, and charitable and civic action. We inspire and empower-fostering confidence, healthy perspective, know-how, compassion, and emotional and relational intelligence. We are active in the San Francisco Bay Area through regular educational discussion meetings, social events, work parties, and other gatherings.

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