October 2017 Newsletter


Upcoming Events

Humanist Book Club

Saturday, October 14, 3:30 – 5 PM

San Francisco Main Library, 100 Larkin St., Stong Room

The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart by Bill Bishop.

Newcomers are always welcome, as are new book suggestions.

Humanism and Psychology Class

Saturday October 21, 3:00 PM

at private home in San Francisco;

Join us for a discussion on the intersection of humanism and psychology.  Humanism is a philosophy that relies on reason and science for understanding of the universe, including ourselves. Psychology has played a role in the human effort to understanding the workings of our minds but, until quite recently, without much success.


We congratulate former BAH Board Member, Vanessa Gomez Brake, on her new position at USC!

At the University of Southern California, a Humanist Chaplain Takes the Lead

On the other hand, we are saddened by the passing of long-time BAH member Lynn Snyder.

We will publish her Obituary next month.

What can we do as Humanists to assist after recent disasters in Texas, Puerto Rico & Mexico?

Disaster Relief: Can Humanism Fill the Gap?

Also, see Foundation Beyond Relief, Recovery Teams