March 2014 – On Parenting A Human With A Non-Binary Gender Identity

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See the write up in The Bay Area Reporter>>

Humanism is a philosophy that is concerned with the welfare of humankind in all its diversity.  In this spirit, Phil Crawford, a member of Bay Area Humanists, will share his experiences since his kid came out as genderqueer two years ago and how his thinking has changed about gender. He will explore two main ideas. First, a deconstruction and expansion of what gender means and second, a definition of non-binary gender. He will discuss and explore these ideas with the group and answer any questions about his experiences.

The topic is something that Phil has given a great deal of thought to for the last couple of years, strictly from a lay perspective of someone who has a trans person in their life and is interested in learning more about it. Among other sources of information he has accessed is a Gender Spectrum conference, which he and his wife attended last year. This is a convention for health- and other service providers and families of transgendered youth, which happens each year here in the Bay Area and is attended by people from around the world.